• Cureline Baltic team is a group of experienced and highly motivated  life sciences and medicine professionals with expertise in biobanking, regulatory affairs, preclinical and translational research, healthcare management and business development.
  • We are dedicated to being involved in your biomarker R&D, companion Dx, clinical research and development programs not only as a service provider but also as your trusted collaborator. Using our experience and knowledge, we understand our clients research goals and act as an ideal partner for achieveing your program goals.
  • All Cureline Baltic managers hold advanced degrees in life sciences and biomedicine.
  • Regulations: Cureline Baltic Gender Equality plan

Olga Potapova, PhD

CEO and Scientific Director

  1. Olga Potapova is a highly accomplished life sciences executive and a successful entrepreneur with extensive expertise in establishing preclinical, translational and precision medicine services since 2003. After working for a decade in academic research with novel programs in oncology, signal transduction, stress and aging (UCSD, SDRCC, NIA/NIH), she made significant contributions in developing targeted oncology translational projects at SUGEN (Pfizer). Currently Dr. Potapova is the CEO of the Cureline Group of companies, a global CRO providing services for drug R&D, precision medicine programs, and biomarker and companion diagnostics development. At Cureline she is responsible for global strategic development, international alliance management, and expansion into new markets. Olga has received multiple AACR/AFLAC awards, prestigious fellowships from the NIH and NATO, and published numerous scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals.  Since 2010, Dr. Potapova is a Principal Investigator for The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) and the Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) programs (NCI, NIH). Dr. Potapova holds advanced degrees in Physics and Molecular Genetics/Biochemistry providing her with a strong multidisciplinary foundation in life sciences and translational medicine. 
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Agne Vaitkeviciene


Agne Vaitkeviciene holds a BS in Molecular Biology (Vilnius University, Lithuania) and an MS in organ, tissue, and cell donation for Cell Therapy (University of Barcelona, Spain). Since 2006 she has been working in the field of cell therapy and ATMP manufacturing under GMP conditions. In 2013 Agne Vaitkeviciene co-founded a life science startup company and managed its activities in the field of advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP) research and manufacturing as CEO until 2019. Since 2019 she has been actively involved as an expert in EU programs, such as IMI2, EIT Health Innostarts, and consults biotechnology companies in life science product development management. For the last 5 years, Agne has been actively involved in life science expert groups within Lithuanian governmental organizations such as the Innovation Agency of Lithuania and Invest Lithuania. Association LithuaniaBIO elected Ms. Vaitkeviciene as a Vice-President in 2019 and delegated her responsibilities of coordinating foreign affairs and startup support activities within the Association. In 2020 - 2023 she was the Executive Director of LithuaniaBIO. In 2020 Agne joined Cureline Group as a COO of Cureline Baltic and later, together with Dr. Olga Potapova, founded Memel Biotech in 2021 in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Currently, Agne is responsible for overall Cureline Group activities in Lithuania, provides leadership for the ATMP CDMO program, and coordinates BD efforts in the EU region for member companies of the Cureline Group.



Dominyka Dapkute, PhD

Director of Business Development

    1. Dominyka Dapkute is an accomplished professional with a strong academic background and experience in the fields of cell biology and biophysics. She holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Molecular Biology and earned a PhD in Biophysics. With over nine years of experience in a science research laboratory, she has developed a skill set encompassing cell-based assays, stem cell therapy, nanotechnology, cancer research, and preclinical research. Dr. Dapkute has successfully managed scientific projects and has held leadership positions in the pharmaceutical industry as the R&D Department Lead and in biotech CDMO as the Head of Biological Methods Sector within the QC unit. Dr. Dapkute has gained international recognition for their contributions to scientific research, including the L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award in 2020. In 2022, Dr. Dapkute joined Cureline Baltic and is currently responsible for Business and Project Development activities.
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Vytautas Baranauskas

Director of Animal Research

Vytautas Baranauskas is a 4th-grade Ph.D. candidate in the biology field at Vilnius University. His base education is in the veterinary science field. He has experience in animal models from mice to pigs and from laboratory to field research. After veterinary master’s graduation from the Lithuanian Veterinary Academy, he was involved in the veterinary pharmaceuticals state control organization. His responsibility was pharmacovigilance and control of the distribution of veterinary drugs in Lithuania. Vytautas Baranauskas developed surgery skills by accomplishing a veterinary surgery residency at the Lithuanian University of Health Science. Since 2016 he has participated in various R&D, scientific, and educational animal model projects which were run by the main health University and private companies.  In the past few years, Vytautas at Cureline Baltic has been Director of Animal Research. He is responsible for regularly inspecting, evaluating, and generating reports on the adequacy of animal care programs, related processes and procedures, and physical facilities used to house and manipulate study animals. Ensure compliance with established company, industry, and regulatory standards. 


Cureline Baltic Capabilities

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