According to McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, the biotechnology industry is growing. It shows that while large pharma companies are expected to grow R&D spending at a rate of 4 percent annually—to $234 billion for the industry in 2025—R&D spending in biotech is forecast to grow twice as fast, at up to 8 percent per year. CRO revenues also are expected to grow, reaching $46 billion by 2025, up more than 40 percent from 2020 (Graph1). This growth will be largely driven by growing product pipelines in biotech, coupled with a trend toward biotech companies retaining their assets longer.





Clinical and preclinical development outsourcing has seen it all in the past few decades. What initially started as a large-scale swing toward full-service outsourcing to contract research organizations (CROs) has given way to a return to more insourcing among biopharmaceutical companies, especially among larger pharma companies, and the pendulum will continue to swing. CROs that understand where biotech companies feel underserved and align their services to fill in gaps should find and are already finding, significant opportunities to support this fast-growing sector. 

Cureline Baltic is one of the CROs, that can help you grow and reach your goals faster! Cureline Baltic has been established in Vilnius (Lithuania) in 2020 by Dr. Olga Potapova, the CEO and Founder of Cureline Group. With a strong presence of Cureline in the USA, Asia and South America, the development of Cureline Baltic preclinical and translational research services in the EU allowed the Cureline Group to claim worldwide global CRO capabilities.

Cureline Baltic administrative office and state-of-the-art animal facility are co-located with Centre for Innovative Medicine research facilities and serve as a hub for our comprehensive high-quality biological services in oncology, immuno-oncology, metabolic, autoimmune, and other diseases. Our expertise spans preclinical in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo models, with a strong emphasis on small animal studies, analytical services, and human sample validation studies. By working closely with our clients, we develop custom preclinical research strategies to accelerate drug R&D and Dx development under the most rigorous data protection policies and carefully structured budgets.


What sets Cureline Baltic team apart is our commitment to advance scientific knowledge and develop innovative approaches. The animal laboratory facilities were built to provide comprehensive small animal studies and analytical services, but at the same time, together with our international academic and industrial partners, we develop a unique single-cell double barcoding and metastasis tracking technology. This innovative approach, developed and validated through one of the EU development grants, allows for precise and detailed analysis of metastases significantly advancing our understanding of cancer progression and treatment.



Cureline Baltic not only specializes in contract research services but also actively engages in scientific R&D projects. In fact, Cureline Baltic's dedication to innovation has been recognized through two major EU co-investment grants. These grants allowed us to further develop the internal scientific programs, create new services and remain at the forefront of cutting-edge research and development.

In addition to current capabilities, Cureline Group is expanding its reach and impact with the establishment of a GMP (good manufacturing practice) facility in Klaipeda, Lithuania (Memel Biotech CDMO project). This facility, set to open in 2024, will focus on the manufacturing of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs). This investment demonstrates Cureline's commitment to addressing unmet needs of the pharmaceutical sector such as the increasing demand for gene and cell therapy-based products across the EU and global markets.



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