Double Barcoding Technology is a new method, that allows monitoring drug effects on primary tumors and metastasis of co-injected cancer cell lines at the level of individual cells. By using two distinct DNA barcodes and uniquely tagging individual cells, double barcoding technology allows quantification of clone and metastasis sizes.

Using a double barcoding method is essential for achieving superior results compared to a single barcode approach. The single barcode method presents limitations, including challenges in obtaining sufficiently pure DNA isolation for barcode amplification, issues with regular cell barcoding, high variability, and limited comparability.

 Quantitative cancer monitoring with double barcoding provides:

  • Quantitative evaluation of cancer cells in tumors and metastasis sites in animals –increased reproducibility of results

  • High sensitivity and resolution for monitoring drug effects on cell sub-populations

  • Lower variability → smaller animal group size

  • Detects small metastases, facilitates comparative analysis

  • Overcomes limitations of current methods for precise drug evaluation


double barcoding 

Cureline Baltic  together with academic partners are developing and validating a double barcoding tool, that bridges the gap between commercial efficiency and scientific precision, changing the way we evaluate primary tumors and metastasis in animal models.

The double barcoding system has been successfully applied to compare the ability of two simultaneously injected cancer cell lines to form primary tumors and metastasis. It provides high sensitivity in detecting small metastases and enables quantitative analysis of a cell's capacity to establish primary tumors and metastasize.

This innovative system attempts to overcome the limitations of current methods for evaluating drug effects on tumor growth and metastasis, which are often semi-quantitative and lack sensitivity to detect small metastasis. It enables evaluation of the metastatic process, assessment of clone sizes, and measurement of drug effects on different clonal subpopulations.

Experiments with consistency, results you can trust and reproduce, optimized operational efficiency, reduced animal utilization, and multiplex experiments across diverse cell lines or PDX models.


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