We are very excited to announce a new strategic partnership between Cureline Baltic and VUGENE.

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This collaboration unites VUGENE's expertise in data analysis and statistical modeling with Cureline Baltic's innovative approach to barcoding cancer cells. VUGENE is the largest bioinformatics service provider in Lithuania, rapidly growing with aims to be among the leaders in Europe. Cureline Baltic is at the forefront of developing a novel method that enables the evaluation of treatment responses of metastatic cancer cells at an unprecedented resolution. Together, they are dedicated to advancing this technology to provide rapid and comprehensive insights into treatment efficacy of metastatic cancers.


The partnership will focus on creating innovative and streamlined methodologies for assessing existing treatment strategies and developing new ones. By combining multi-omics data with the automated data analysis platform, they aim to enhance the precision and speed of drug research outcomes.


Cureline Baltic is a part of a global translational CRO providing human biospecimen procurement, clinical data services and preclinical research services for accelerated drug and diagnostics development. Their preclinical in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo models, analytical assays and especially single cell barcoding technology provides support to life science companies and researchers to advance in their drug development pipeline.


VUGENE offers a complete bioinformatics platform and consulting for statistical and machine learning analyses of biomedical multi-omics research data at any scale. Their services are tailored for research laboratories studying the origins, causes, treatments and biomarkers of various complex disorders, such as cancers, neurodegenerative disorders.


The industry professionals and research communities are invited to reach out to learn more about this exciting collaboration and explore how working with Cureline Baltic and VUGENE can open new possibilities in cancer research and development.


TOGETHER, Cureline, with innovative cancer cell barcoding, and VUGENE, with advanced data analysis, develop approaches to accelerate CANCER RESEARCH and its TREATMENT development.