Cureline Baltic COO  has presented Cureline Group - Global Translational CRO activities in preclinical and translational research at Bioplus Interphaex Korea 2022.

Thank you  Innovation Agency Lithuania and Embassy of Lithuania to S. Korea team for organizing opportunity to visit Seoul and meet our potential partners and clients.

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Lithuanian biotech group develops closer ties with Korea’s biotech industry < Bio < 기사본문 - KBR

The Lithuanian Biotechnology Association (LBTA) said on Friday that they signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Korea Biotechnology Industry (Korea BIO) to establish stronger cooperation with Korean bio-companies in the field of high value-added technologies.In an interview with Korea Biome.


Lithuania continues to expand international partnerships in the field of biotechnology - Lithuania

Lithuania continues to expand international partnerships! This time establishing collaboration with South Korea. South Korea is one of the world leaders in the field of biotechnology, especially in the development and production of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.


[르포] "한국과 바이오 협력 희망"... '방한 러시' 리투아니아 기업들

바이오테크 기업 한자리에… "유전자·대사공학 강국 리투아니아, 한국과 시너지 기대" "올해 벌써 두 번째 방한이에요." 리투아니아 바이오기업 캐스자임(Caszyme)의 모니카 파울레 최고경영자(CEO)가 지난 4일