Promotion of international networking and engagement in MTEPI partnership networks 

Cureline Baltic takes pride in being part of the project launched the by public institution Innovation Agency, guided by the progress measure 'Establishing a coherent system for promoting innovation' and 'Promoting international networking for SMEs, engagement in MTEPI partnership networks.

The aim of this project is to promote international partnership and networking to establish connections in the field of EU research, experimental development, and innovation (MTEPI).

The company will be allocated funding of 18 941 Eur from total project value of 37 8821 Eur for the implementation of Project No. 02-017-K-0024 'Promotion of international networking and engagement in MTEPI partnership networks for Cureline Baltic.' This project is co-financed by the European Union and will be implemented in the Company from 2023 June to 2025 January.

We are proud of being able to contribute to this great initiative. This, in turn, will enhance the scope of research and experimental development, boost service exports, and attract foreign investments to Lithuania.