Expert Consulting From Cureline Group Team

Cureline is a leading global CRO with focus on HBS procurement and management since 2003. Our commercial human sample biobanking experts offer consultancy services to improve tissue collection efforts that are a part of your R&D or Diagnostic development program:

  • Protocol review: review existing approaches for tissue collection to ensure that current methods are consistent with the industry best practices.
  • Site auditing: an audit of a clinical site to identify major issue contributing to poor reliability and quality.
  • Gap analysis: a detailed report on how current protocols, site operations and logistics may deviate from the best practices. Recommendations for improvement.
  • Training: training provided to clinical and scientific staff at the study sites on various tissue collection, preservation, and handling methods.
  • Improvement and standardization: on-site support to improve sample collection, processing, storage and distribution methods.
  • Ongoing monitoring: QC monitoring to ensure that all sites are compliant with standard protocols.
  • HBS management: Cureline provides services for biospecimen storage, consolidation, and organization.


Cureline HBS Management and Consulting Services are based on 17+ years of excellence in tissue research: our Team has initiated studies with 150+ clinical partners in 20 countries on five continents and services 600+ clients satisfied with implementation of 4,000+ projects.

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